Polishing concrete consist of grinding, honing and polishing the surface of the concrete, with the addition of dyes, densifiers and stain guards to produce a beautiful, durable and easily maintainable floor.

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One of the most popular enhancements that can be installed upon an existing concrete surface is an overlay. They can be done in varying thicknesses depending on what kind of finish you want to achieve.

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Our decorative concrete countertops offer timeless design and versatility for home, office or retail use. Concrete’s immense adaptability allows you to express your personal style.

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Bricks-n-Stones is proud to be a part of the International Polished Concrete Institution and the Concrete Polishing Association of America.

Bricks -n- Stones International Polished Concrete Institute Certified Craftsman
Bricks -n- Stones Craftsman Concrete Polishing Association