Decorative Overlays

Bricks -n- Stones resurfacing works to beautify and restore your existing driveway, sidewalk or patio with our decorative overlay system. Creating for you the elegant look of brick, stone, tile and more.


The materials we use are extremely durable and resistant to salt, stain, UV and high traffic.  They are easy to clean and virtually maintenance free.

With an endless array of colors and an unlimited amount of designs and patterns available, these finishes can be professionally installed to match and enhance the existing landscaping and surroundings. All this, without the downtime and hassle of tearing out and replacing the existing surface. These time tested, contractor proven products and finishes have been utilized for decades as permanent solutions to industrial, commercial and residential concrete surface defects and deterioration problems.


Decorative overlays are the perfect solution for concrete resurfacing; an overlay is a thin, permanent layer added to the top of a concrete slab to cover imperfections or add interest and beauty to a plain surface.

Decorative overlays can be used on new or existing concrete to cover imperfections and add interest to a plain surface at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  When properly installed, a decorative concrete overlay will last a lifetime and never need replacement.

Bricks-n-Stones offers unlimited options for patios, sidewalks and porches. The everyday concrete-around-pool areas now can become attractive, with added safety due to the slip resistance surface that adds comfort and value with an eye-catching finish. The slip resistance texture of the overlay will also lower the surface temperature of the concrete around your pool.